Mushroom Bread

This delicious mushroom bread recipe comes from the couple Drífa Jónsdóttir and Semjon Karopka who run together the restaurant Hipstur in Mathöll Höfða. It is a big hit at the restaurant and no wonder as it tastes heavenly.


Sliced sourdough bread
Vegan aioli (garlic mayo)
3 kinds of mushrooms
Pickled onion
Green apple
Sourdough crumble
Shredded horseradish

Start by frying the sourdough bread on both sides in a hot pan with a drizzle of oil. When the bread has browned a little you put it on a plate. Spread a good lump of aioli on the bread. Cut the mushrooms and sautee on a pan, add salt, pepper and garlic. When the mushrooms are crisp, add a handful of kale, put a lid on the pan and turn off the heat. Let it cook for 30 seconds before you take the lid off and put everything on the bread. Disperse radishes, pickled onion and apple cubes on top. Finish off with shredded horseradish and decorate with chervil